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Consumer Recommends Force 4 EQ and Force EZ

Consumer Recommends Force 4 EQ and Force EZ
Consumer Recommends Force 4 EQ and Force EZ

We're thrilled to announce that Sinch has received multiple accolades from the esteemed Consumer NZ organisation!
This recognition is a testament to our ongoing commitment to delivering exceptional e-bikes that empower riders of all levels.

Consumers Say Thumbs Up!
The most rewarding recognition comes directly from the people who matter most - our valued customers. We are incredibly proud to be awarded the Consumer NZ People's Choice Award for e-bikes. This prestigious accolade signifies that our dedication to user satisfaction is paying off. We strive to create e-bikes that offer both ultimate comfort and exceptional performance, and this award validates our efforts in achieving the perfect balance.

Double the Joy: Two "Recommended" E-bikes!
Adding to the excitement, Consumer NZ has also awarded two "recommended" ticks to our exciting new Force range. Both the Force 4 EQ and the Force EZ have been recognised for their outstanding quality and performance.

  • Force 4 EQ: This versatile e-bike is a true all-rounder, excelling as a mountain, trail, and road bike. Consumer NZ highlights its capability and comfort, making it ideal for diverse adventures.
  • Force EZ: This e-bike seamlessly blends comfort, convenience, and versatility. Praised for its ability to conquer both roads and light off-road trails, it's perfect for exploring new horizons with ease.

This latest recognition builds upon Sinch's established track record of success. Over the past three years, our e-bikes have consistently received the coveted "Consumer Recommended" tick from Consumer NZ. This unwavering commitment to quality ensures you're getting a reliable and high-performing e-bike that will surpass your expectations.

Consumer NZ's rigorous testing process ensures that their recommendations are based on objective data and expert analysis. Earning their "recommended" tick means you can be confident that your chosen Sinch e-bike excels in its category.

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