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5 tips to keep you riding safe this winter

1. Adapt your riding style

The other side of reducing speed is to adapt the technical side of your riding. You need to be more forgiving, giving yourself more time to adjust to the unpredictable nature of the road conditions.

Adapt your riding style

2. Fit lights

Install a small rear light as part of the seat-post clamp to help boost rearward visibility on your bike. It makes sense to use a rear light throughout the winter season regardless of the weather, even if it’s sunny with high visibility. The sun sits a lot lower in the sky during the middle of the day, so there’s a higher chance of a motorist being dazzled by the sunlight. Throw in the potential for rain and fog, as well as shorter days - and you'll realize that working lights are a must!

Fit lights

3. Wear hi-vis

Standing out is key if you want to make other road users aware of your presence, especially in the gloomy winter setting. Making sure you are visible is one of the single most important things you can do while you are on the road.

Wear hi-vis

4. Let someone know your plans

Sometimes a solo ride to blow out the cobwebs can be great for morale, especially if the air is cold and the sun is out. However, even in this best-case scenario, it can be wise to let someone know your ride plans so in the event something delays you, you’re not forgotten about and someone can raise the alarm.

Let someone know your plans

5. Don’t forget to eat

In the winter, when your body is also having to generate more body heat to resist the cold and maintain core body temperature, the rate of energy consumption can significantly increase. While running out of energy on a summer ride is annoying, in winter it can be downright dangerous if the conditions are against you.

Don’t forget to eat

With these easy little tips it can make your winter rides a sinch!

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