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The rise of the e-bike

Popularity of e-bikes has been steadily growing over the last few years, with huge interest coming from commuters looking to save money on parking to the environmentally conscious as well as people just getting into a good old spot of exercise!

Sales of e-bikes are booming with 34 million sold worldwide last year. We think it's more than likely that most new bikes bought now will be electric, because why not? When the cost of buying an e-bike vs. an ordinary bike is nominal! Saddle up and become part of the worldwide phenomenon!


E-bikes are forming a big part of changing city transport as governments attempt to steer citizens away from fossil fuels.


In our humble opinion, New Zealand has some of the most incredible bike trails to explore and the real beauty of an e-bike is that you can pick longer adventure into a shorter window, plus any/age ability can take on the challenge when you have an e-bike.


Discover the e-bike smile, it's a sinch!

Stephen & Kim

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