5 Ways To Use Your Sinch Electric Bike This Summer

The warmer summer months are the perfect opportunities for on-the-road, every day adventures. Built with performance and sustainability in mind, Sinch bikes are the perfect companions for these five great summer recommendations.

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Keep it simple. That’s our mantra.

We’re a couple of kiwis with biking in our blood.

We know and live bikes.

Our quest is simple: to make biking more accessible, affordable and enjoyable for more people.

We founded Sinch electric bikes to introduce riders of all ages and experience to a new level of reliability, design smarts, unbeatable value, support and choice – with greater performance across a range.

Designing brilliant simplicity is not an easy task, but we’re not newcomers to the sport; with more than 50 years combined experience developing products that have earned many awards, internationally recognised Red Dot Design along with Purple and Gold Pins at the NZ Best Design Awards. We’ve also worked with the New Zealand cycling team to Olympic and World Championship success.

Now we’re challenging ourselves to help more athletes, commuters, families and adventurers, disrupt old routines, steer clear of the petrol pump, get out there, get fit, do their bit.

Here's 5 amazing ways you can use your electric bike this summer 🙌

1. Commuting:

Whether you're commuting into work, or across town to meet friends, Sinch will get you there faster and easier, while providing a seriously smooth ride.

2. With The Family:

We all cherish those moments with the family, the big days, sporting events, and being there for one another. But nothing hits home quite like a bike ride with the family…

Whether it's along the coast with a clear blue sky while enjoying the gentle breeze that comes in drifting from the ocean… Or an evening bike ride together through the park - these are the types of moments having an ultra premium Sinch Electric Bike would only enhance.

3. Weekend Adventures:

There is nothing like an adventure that is FUN, memorable and isn't draining 🙌

Sinch is designed to take you further, faster, easier - while staying true to its premium engineering and delivering the a smooth biking experience...

4. Exercise:

This one is my favorite, I love taking my Sinch bike out every morning and getting in my daily exercise. There is nothing like the euphoric feeling you get while biking through a forest, and feeling a gentle breeze in the Park. The Sinch provides a smooth ride, which makes being active easy and comfortable.

5. The Environment:

Whether you're on your daily commute, or exploring a bit off the beaten track , you can count on Sinch to provide a world class biking experience.

Secure yours for the summer with a $500 Deposit

With 2 different categories to select from there is a bike you can choose for your exact wants and needs 🙌

The Mountain Bike

Great bike for on road or off-road use whether it’s riding around town or exploring the cycle trails of NZ. Featuring a fully integrated battery the powerful Shimano intuitive mid-drive motor provides plenty of assistance to let you tackle those longer rides and bigger hills. This makes your journey a Sinch and will end in an E-Bike Smile and not a sweaty mess.

The Comfort Bike

Equipped and ready to go with carrying and lighting solutions making it great for getting around town, enjoying cycle ways or off-road trails. Quality and reliable components throughout will give you the confidence to get out and explore.


(after being sold out and on backorder for months).

Secure yours today!


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See what others are saying:

"Absolutely awesome bikes!! Love the fact that we can ride them as normal bikes while we are a bit younger 😊 Highly recommended."
- Matt and Sasha Cunninghame

"I just love my Sinch Bike, I love it because the design fits well with my old mountain bike. It feels sturdy and it’s a Kiwi design which is another reason I bought it. The handlebars are more comfortable allowing my wrists to relax rather than grip as there is a larger area to rest my hands. Easy to use and feels very safe and comfortable. "
- Di Howard

"Our Sinch EZ2 bikes are superb.. stable under all conditions (even at 50kph), comfortable and very powerful for hill work. Handle trails and rough surfaces with ease. Very long range on a battery charge (100km+). Great value for money. Just love our bikes!"
- Anne Davies

"My Jaunt 2 is fantastic and just love it. The support before, during and after buying my bike was amazing. I have had so many great rides and my Sinch is so good to ride."
- David Williams